Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 33 (8/19)

Today, I spent the morning in the 3D Labs with Ethan and Sando working on finishing our Star project. I calculated how far in, Maya units, the Earth and Mars will be from the center of the Star/Sun. Ethan began working on a black hole simulation and Sando continued to create a Set Driven Key for the transition of the star. In the afternoon all of the Interns got together and had pizza for lunch then ran through our presentations. I am so nervous for tomorrow.

Day 32 (8/18)

Today, Sando took Ethan and I back over to the 3D Labs to work more on our Star project. While we were there I decided that Ethan and my presentations were too similar and had to completely re-make my presentation. With help from Sando I created a new presentation that will take Ethan's explanation of Maya and apply it to the projects that I did this summer.

Day 31 (8/17)

Today we had to disassemble the SCUBE because they are going to be cleaning the class room we have been working in. We took all of the pieces and put them in boxes and a suitcase and brought them up to the Insight Lab to be stored. Then in the afternoon I continued to work on my presentation for Friday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 30 (8/16)

Today I created a Mars surface based off of an Earth texture Sando had previously created and taught me how to make. These planets will be incorporated into the Life cycle of the Sun project! I also spent a while working on my final presentation.

Day 29 (8/13)

Today was the Undergraduate Symposium. I spent the whole morning watching the Insight Lad's undergraduates give their presentations. Then I went back to the lab to try and work, but I couldn't do anything because I didn't know what Sando wanted me to do, and I couldn't find him anywhere! Finally, I just went back to the Symposium and watched a few more presentations, including a few Interns!

Day 28 (8/12)

Today I worked with Ethan to try and make the color transitions between phases work. We keep running into a problem where the star looks purple instead of blue and yellow. We are working on finding a solution to this problem.

Day 27 (8/11)

Today my morning consisted of fidgeting with the animation portion of the Life cycle project. I can not wait for this project to be finished. In the afternoon all of the interns went to the George Eastman House to see the 'behind the scenes' of looking at pictures. It was really interesting to see the work they are doing to preserve and study pictures that are extremely old.