Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 6 (7/13)

Today I made a fake surface of Mars. Sando taught us how to create textured surfaces, the effect of the sun, and a sky. At noon we went to building 76 to listen to Mark Henry give a talk about patents and trademarks. We were given lunch and learned about when and how to appropriately obtain a patent. Then after the presentation we went back to the lab to learn how to make an asteroid field. Also, we were asked to visit another lab to see what other interns are doing. Ethan and I went to the Visual Perception lab to see what Octavia, Cicely, and Nate have been working on. They showed us the two eye tracking programs that they use. One is a web cam that tracks your eyes and shows you where on the screen your eyes were looking. The other is a device that you put on your head and has a camera that record what you are looking at and another that records your eyes movement. For the second one they have to take each item that the eye focuses on and record it, this way they can see where the eye tends to look when doing a task. From what I saw they have a fun, but challenging lab to work in!

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