Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Day (7/6)

Today was a team building day, we were split up into three groups and sent on a scavenger hunt where we were given a packet of pictures and had to find objects or images and video record where and what the image was. It was so hot, but my group was great. It was good to see the campus and fun making friends. The second part of the scavenger hunt was to make the video clips into a 'movie', we had to use Mac computers which none of us were familiar with which lead to some conflicts. We never finished our video because the computer kept freezing, so we just watched the un-edited version, which was funny. I didn't get the chance to meet the advisor I will be working with, but I did get the chance to meet the other guys in the same group as me. I can't wait to get the chance to get to meet my advisor.

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